Sunday, 24 February 2013

1up Blog #108: Game Over (Farewell 1up) (02/21/2013)

I was pretty worried when I first heard IGN was for sale. I thought it would be likely 1up wouldn’t last long after the sale was made. After hearing Ziff Davis picked up IGN, I thought there couldn’t have been a better partner than 1up’s former owner. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. Instead it’s like Ziff Davis just came back to kill off the only remaining part of its “good old days.”
Anyway even with 1up gone, I hope I can stay in touch with everyone possible. I deleted my old twitter because I stopped using it, but I recently started up a new one so anyone with that can add Halochief90.

I’ll also be starting up a blogspot account because it seems a lot of other 1uppers are moving there. This is my blogspot account. I hope to see you guys around until next time.

At the very least, I am glad I was here till 1up met its end.

Edit: Pixlbit is where it is at now folks!

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  1. Oh yeah, where it's at. I got two something something and a microphone. Mhm.