Friday, 22 February 2013

1up Blog #22: Christmas (12/27/2005)

Well Christmas has come and gone but the effect will be here to stay for months. I'll just get this over with, I didn't get Dragon Quest VIII. But the feeling was sort of mutual that I wouldn't get it. I already knew I was going to get Ninja Gaiden Black and Half-Life Anthology. I got those, which are amazing. I also got an unexpected bonus on Lord of the Rings: the Two Towers! If you look at my collection you will probably see a bunch of Half-Life games. They didn't have Anthology on the list so I just had to take them all. I also got some other typical stuff like clothes. In the end it's the games that matter the most.

Ninja Gaiden Black is bound to be the best of the bunch. I actually got the original Ninja Gaiden last Christmas and whatever super-hype I had for it, it outdid it. Attention people who haven't bought Ninja Gaiden or Ninja Gaiden Black, drop everything and get it now because you must witness the very best action game ever. People who bought the original Ninja Gaiden might be a little dissappointed when they first fire it up (there is little new content when you start the main game), but stick with it and you will soon be barracaded (I doubt I spelled that right) with loads of content.

This new (but short) cutscene and a sweet new weapon are just miniscule new content for Ninja Gaiden Black.

For Half Life 1, I'll just say the graphics are amazing compared to what I expected (the game is six years old) and for $20 its an amazing deal. The gunplay feels great (I usually hate playing shooters with a keyboard). The only problem is the beginning of the game is a little slow and the enemies are vaguely reminisent of the dull Doom 3 (leaves a sour taste in my mouth). I'm sure it will pull through later though (Doom 3 came out after HL1 so I'll just assume that Doom 3 is the wannabe).

Merry Christmas guys, hey, how about posting your Christmas gifts (It doesn't have to be a game)?

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