Friday, 22 February 2013

1up Blog #26: "Issues" (03/24/2006)

While this doesn't affect me, (I don't own a 'Cube) I'd still like people to hear my opinion on the Twilight Princess delay (which will probably be the first great Zelda game since Ocarina of Time).
It seems Nintendo is trying to act like this big delay on Twilight Princess, is to tweak and polish up the game, which is the reason for most delays. While this could be partly true, I think that most of the effort is going into making the Revolution Twilight Princess features. Meaning that they probably could have released the game last fall, but they need to suck people into their Revolution too! Because, as recent Nintendo releases for the Gamecube have shown, it doesn't seem they care much for it. So if you see Twilight Princess with better graphics when played on the Revolution, you'll know I was right! And who said Nintendo wasn't evil?!

"They are lies! All lies, I tell you!"

Next up, the Halo Movie. It seems a lot of people are getting really excited for this movie and so was I, but then I thought about it for a bit. I came to the conclusion that I could care less if there was a movie. Seriously, I can just see this movie being crap. The game was really good because it was, well, a game. It had a good story line, but the only real thing I look back on is its gameplay. There is no way a movie can offer that and I don't want to see Halo butchered down (yes, down) to the Hollywood style of movies (if they get the 'chiefs voice changed to someone lik Brad Pitt I will scream). Who knows, the movie may end up being great, but what if it isn't? I really hope the movie doesn't dumb down the Halo license, which for some fans is already in a bad position after Halo 2. And Bungie has never really been involved in a movie before; will they really handle their role as the advisory people well? And Hellboy was awful, the director better change soon. Remember: a big budget doesn't mean a good movie, in fact, it never has. I sure hope Bungie can prove me wrong though!

To end this, I would it like it to be something a little smaller, the E10+ rating for Kingdom Hearts II. If this game were without Mickey and crew, this game would most definitely get a teen rating. Come on, since when has "mild blood" ever existed in the ratings!?

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