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1up Blog #31: Rayman (PS1) Review (08/23/2006)

Rayman (PS1) Review

I'm bored so I'm going to make another bizarre and uncalled for blog. Out of nowhere: An original Rayman review for no reason. Let's get started shall we?

Rayman starts out better than anyone could have expected from the PS1 launch. Amazing, colourful graphics. Tight controls. An original (read: limbless) character and solid platforming. Did Super Mario Bros. have a new contender? Sadly, not really. Let me tell you: Enjoy Rayman's first two, easy stages, because those are the only ones you're getting. Some could even say those two stages are of average difficulty, but compare them to Rayman's later stages from 3 on (especially the later ones), and they can only be fairly called tutorials. Am I knocking on the game for being hard? No, not exactly. You see, for most levels, instead of making you use hardcore platforming skills to stir up a challenging game, Rayman forces you to master dozens of types of challenges, which only force trial-and-error. Such as, "I wonder when that enemy will move out of the way? Oh, that's how... but I'm already dead." Not only that, but it often does several of these before you even get a checkpoint! I'm not a hater though; Rayman is still a very good game.

Does the above screenshot look like something that should be hard? It should, because Rayman is hard!
The jumping and punching gameplay is fun and addictive to play, and consistently keeps things that way by giving you new abilities (just when you thought you were getting good...). This is also arguably one of the few PS1 games that still hold up graphically. It wisely chose polished 2D graphics, over the new, "untapped" 3D graphics, which were poorly implemented in so many PS1 games. The art also feels very unique, and stylish (whether it's the odd, but effective character designs, or the colourful backgrounds in each level), separating it from the rest of the 2D pack. There's even some cool music in this game too, and I never would have expected the game to have voices either.

The graphics are still amazing!
Regardless, good luck trying to finish Rayman; only the most hardcore of hardcore could make it to the last level completely fair! I somehow made it all the way through the game, but due to impossible demands (get every - hard to find - protoon in the game!), I used a cheat to unlock the last level and beat the game. Damn! But still, what a feeling it is to even mostly beat what I think is: the hardest game ever!

  • Smooth graphics and backdrops
  • Nice music and (Wow!) actual voices
  • Some of the best side-scrolling gameplay in existence
  • Frequent Trial and error level progression
  • Sadly, the one above (it's only major flaw) leaves a very noticeable wound

    Bottom Line: This game seriously could've been the platformer of the Playstation generation, but months after, Super Mario 64 was released (which I thought was boring) and "revolutionized" platforming by the way of 3D. Rayman was all but remembered and the era of 2D platformers pretty much died out for consoles. But was it not for Rayman's unfair difficulty, would have it have been "the" platformer of the PS generation to me? Yes, yes it would've. It's too bad; that place is still vacant.
    Seeing as this isn't a "super-awesome-game", this game is easier to give a score, so here it is:
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