Friday, 22 February 2013

1up Blog #33: Achievements: Chrono Cross (09/23/2006)

It seems every year I pick up an old PS1 game of mine and play the crap out of it. There was Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and (for some odd reason) Pac-Man World before it. This year: Chrono Cross.<bR>
So much I have accomplished, as Chrono Cross is one of the most extra-laden games out there. I got all 44 characters (some will tell you there's 43, but they're wrong), I even used all of them! I saw all 10 endings, even the actual "ending" this time (the normal one just ends, literally; the final boss dies and then the credits roll!) Somewhat fortunately though, the "real" ending wasn't all that amazing, so I didn't miss out on that much through those years. Granted, unlike the previous games I "played the crap out of," I had to go on the internet to find out how to get some of the endings and a few of the characters, but I knew I would be 20 years older by that time (to get every character and ending it's more trial-and-error than common sense). I also got probably 95 percent of the items, weapons, and elements, because I'm sure I didn't use every combination of characters in every area, but good enough! In case your wondering, you can't get every character in one playthrough.

This is only 6.8% of the total playable character roster.
<Br>Other achievements include: feeding all 100 dragons (I didn't even need a controller with turbo, there's another trick to it...), doing every variation of events (there's up to 3 for some events, meaning you'll have to play the game at least 3 times to see everything!), got to level 99, found every window frame, read everyone's fortune... I even beat the game in under 9 hours (after you beat the game, you can fast forward, but that, I think, is still insanely fast for an RPG)!

Now, I have to wonder, "What's the next game I'll play the crap out of?" Legend of Dragoon? Non-PS1 games like Final Fantasy X or Dragon Quest VIII? Knowing me, I'll probably go for the hardest one, so Dragon Quest VIII here we come!

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