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1up Blog #38: Remakes, 2006, and Something Else (01/13/2007)

My favorite kinds of blogs are the rant type. These blogs seem to be the most interesting, most well thought-out, and often stir my brain fluids to its max. Given this though, they are hardest to write, and, in one instance, caused my brain to tumble, in which by the end of the day I had such a maddeningly over-drawn blog, that there was no way I'd risk posting it to the masses. So to pre-preface my 25 Greatest Games list (it's next, I swear!) here for you today are three shorter, but less thorough rants, so keep in mind I'm not covering every aspect of the subjects (but don't be afraid to tell me what I missed!). Though if any of you feel three rants is too overwhelming, I don't mind if you don't respond to all of them as it may be quite a while till I get that "big one" posted!

More Remakes!Something that I've been wondering was why remakes aren't done more often. Obviously, this approach would be much cheaper, but maybe it's because some people are too afraid of messing with their classics. Yes, there are some simple remakes such as FF Origins for PS1 (or even better, FFI & II: Dawn of Souls), which upped the graphics of both FFI and II to Super NES standards, along with some minor tweaks to the gameplay (even though we had never seen the second one). And among others, I'm sure (plain ports don't count though). But have there been any 2D to 3D remakes?

Sure, you'll bring up games like Ninja Gaiden, Pitfall, and Rygar, but their 3D "reinventions" are changed so drastically, they can hardly be considered the same game. And yes, there was Final Fantasy III for DS, but seeing as we North American's didn't get the original, can we even base it against the original (without breaking laws)? Then there's New Super Mario Bros. for DS, changing the graphics and the gameplay (for better or for worse) to the classic original. Lets not forget the upcoming original Tomb Raider remake. Regardless, those are very good examples of remakes, but there sure aren't a lot more that I can think of. If publishers want gamers to play classic games like Kid Icarus, it's going to take more than the virtual console to truly get a wide audience to experience such a game.

When did Ryu fight pink demons in the arcades?

Okay, I knew I wouldn't be able to avoid the ever controversial FFVII remake, which is perhaps the prime example of how remakes should be done, yet there is no solid confirmation that it will really happen (please, there's no way a remake would take more time and money than an original FF!). Only time will tell when publishers will stray away from movie licenses and realize their next big hit is closer than they think.

2006 - Best Gaming Year Ever?
Now, maybe I'm not the only one who looks back fondly on years that certain things come out and, when I hear the year get brought up, I start to think about the great things that came out then (or maybe that is just me!). 1997 was the year of Japan when Final Fantasy, Castlevania, and anime, released their juggernauts (FFVII, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, and Princess Mononoke respectively). Then there was 1989 in which many of today's biggest gaming franchises came to rise, even though we were bombarded with sequels thereafter! Of coarse, I'm probably the only one that has those views on those years.

Anyway, for 2006, I do not have some snazzy some up of it, but whether any of us are prepared to say it or not: it may have had the best line-up of games ever. Think about it, FF fans finally got FFXII, which after five years of waiting, got the biggest reinvention the series has ever got, and may be the best one. Then Xbox 360 owners finally got their first killer app, and it isn't Halo this time, it's Gears of War! And lets not forget Zelda: Twilight Princess, also possibly the best Zelda, and some will go as far as saying it's the greatest game ever! Mixed in with the PS3 and Wii launches, other hits like Kingdom Hearts II, Okami, and Resistance (and did I hear someone yell Elite Beat Agents?), and you got a year where every gamer is happy (and in the case of the Wii, gains new ones). Games themselves aren't all though, there was pivotal happenings in the gaming industry such as the closing of Clover, the death of E3, and possibly the beginning of the fall of Sony, and the re-rise of Nintendo (to gamers who want fun, this should be a good thing).

Just tell me that (overrated or not) one of these games won't have hundreds of thousands raving for years to come.

Does 2006 blow away other impressive years like 1989, or 2004? No, but I have a good feeling that if we give it a few years time, we will be looking upon 2006 as greatness, and wishing we were there to see everything unfold one more time (probably just me again).

Realistic VS BeautifulJust something to note: by realistic I mean the "real-life" kind or "real-life" CG kind, but not the Final Fantasy CG kind, as the CG's in Final Fantasy seem to have a surrealistic feel to them and I don't think they look real, but more so beautiful (if that made any sense).

Anyway, I think I just recently realized one of the reasons why I prefer video games and anime to live-action movies: live-action just doesn't strike me visually the same way video games and anime do. I recently watched the movie King Kong and (as with other movies like Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars, etc.) no matter how many CG dinosaurs or monkeys it threw at me, it never put me in awe like (the great graphically) Shadow of Colossus (nor King Kong the game [!], FFXII, Halo 2, a lot of anime, etc.) did, which ironically, also had very giant beasts. I think King Kong is one of the points where things can look too real for it to pass for beautiful. It just gets to the point where there is no visual flair left in the visuals. For this reason, I think there is a point when things could get also get "too real" for games, though we are a long way away from that.

Still, King Kong is a live-action movie, so obviously it's supposed to look real. King Kong definitely does look better than a graphically poor game like Grand Theft Auto, but I just wouldn't say it beats out visually powerful games because real-life is just second nature to me. But don't get angry movie goers, I loved all those movies that were mentioned above!

And what better way to end this blog with a "I just turned 17!" Mature games are now legal for me (not like that stopped me before though)!

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