Saturday, 23 February 2013

1up Blog #43: The Morale of Christmas (12/13/2008)

  In preparation for the inevitable onslaught of serious gaming blogs I will surely write over the coming months, my mind has come across something else in a rather timely fashion, though no less serious. Ah, the spirit of the holidays. Sure, receiving presents is perhaps the first desire in Christmas, but is it the giving that's the true joy of Christmas; that tingly, Christmassy feeling you hopefully are able to come across sometime during Christmas. However, in giving gifts, is that same generosity a true summation of our feelings and friendship for someone? In the expensive time of holiday shopping, probably at least once you'll find yourself in a panic of not being able to get a gift for someone, but what if, in attaining that gift, you have to tell little Timmy that you literally killed someone to get his Wii?!
What is the difference between these bulls and a crowd of angry shoppers? There are fewer bulls.
     Obviously, that is in the extreme case of shopping madness; what I really want to ask is 'What is the true importance of giving?' To what I can't understand, every year people seem to spend what could amount to their life savings on Christmas shopping. Sure, some might say economic unhappiness can be handled later, and the joy of Christmas with your loved ones is all the more important. This I can agree with, but what I can't agree with is the high importance of gifts. It is nice to have a gift someone can say defines the friendship you have for a person or shows their importance to you, though it’s surprising to hear how many of all those extreme stories of Christmas shopping trouble, trickery, and mom-fights that seem to happen. Were these emotions expressed in 'acquiring the joy' something that reflects the feelings you have with the person? Well... maybe?
      Put that way, is the giving very important at all? Actually, I'd have to say yes. Though you may not show the person you are giving a gift to the same love all year round, it goes to say 'I am trying when I can.' And really no one's perfect. Granted, if there were those to say gifts are the most important thing to Christmas, I know many would disagree. Spending time together and sharing happiness... and all that fluff, is very important to remember.

      To conclude, I'm not trying to convince anyone's view on the morale of Christmas (or even alter it, really). I'm just giving you guys something to think about over the holidays, or just to give you a good read. Really, go shop your heart out, and ignore/forget about the horror stories (just remember to have fun yourself)! Have a great Christmas everyone!  

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