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1up Blog #44: A Legacy Ends (01/09/2009)

I have two more blogs in the waiting. Two blogs I really enjoyed writing, yet I may not even get to posting them. After all, who has the enthusiasm to read about the excitement someone’s had with a game on such a depressing site? Not me, because if anything, I’ve often come to 1up to read some words and be happy. What do I do now? As some members from this site well know, I returned to this blogging community after an extended hiatus. It’s not easy to get yourself to sit down and talk at length when you just want to be an escapist from work, college, and life’s troubles for a few hours.
      I’ll talk about that later, as it just wouldn’t be like me to ditch EGM and 1up and not say my goodbyes. EGM, for one, has a very special place in my heart. I bought my first issue in roughly August 2001, issue 144 at age 11. Oh, what memories! I still have that well taped-up issue somewhere in a drawer with all my other wonderful EGM’s. I learned a lot of things; Gamers were funny. Games are sure fun to read about. Games are pretty good looking too. I should play more games. Yes, I wasn’t the hardcore gamer then as I am now, but I can sure thank (blame?) EGM for what I am now. I came to love Shoe, Shane, Crispin, Milk, Chris, Bryan, Shawn, Mark, Damian, Greg S., Greg F… I found a real team of heroes to look up to within my few years at EGM. Little did I know that was just the beginning.
      As I scoured and savoured each page in EGM every month I could save the allowance to get it, I came across an ad for Ziff affiliate site Here I could get little tidbits of EGM and games for free, and right at my fingertips. However, not too long after I became attached to that site was it shut down and replaced with The site kind of sucked at first: “Why does this new user review page suck?” (still does actually) “What the hell are blogs?” Shock and awe (*wink*), I became attached to the site once the shift had fully kicked in. I could release my own inner EGM at long last, and now I’ve become (at least) a competent writer myself. Once the 1up podcasts hit I found my favourite gamers and myself in the closest thing yet to “Gamer Heaven.” Yeah, after about 2004, EGM’s started to weigh little more than 100 pages, but I still loved picking them up every month… and booting up 1up first thing when I got to a computer.
My First Issue: Yes, I got a GBA and the GOTM: Castlevania: COTM
      Despite my gap in blogging, things had changed little over the years… until now. Coming to the sad realization that all of those in the above list have moved on, and mostly not in a long stretch of time either, makes the UGO purchase by far the most depressing news I have ever had as a gamer. When UGO tells in its news story “1UP is all about its personalities,” yeah, my stomach churned in hate. Even more maddening is realizing the up-and-coming 1upFM podcast wrote “Enjoy, and we’ll see you next year!” on its latest episode. But when we as gamers start to lash out at our own friends, specifically Sam Kennedy, we become our own enemies. Sam is an editor who I’ve come to respect, and many are downright amazing; he was even the one who released the story on Milky’s recent proposal! No doubt, many have handed him death threats though. In no way was he dismissive of the lose of his crew. As Editorial Director of 1up, he also had the (dis)honour of being the first to write about the news. Sam has been with Ziff for a long time (nearly a decade), and I see good things for him and his team in the future.
      So, yes I’ll be staying with 1up. EGM and 1up are what brought me to the decision to have a future career in game-design. Sure, my work will not grace the pages of EGM, but 1up would be just as much an honour. I haven’t given up on these guys, not by a long shot. I’m sure many of the great bloggers here have already come to the same conclusion as well. After all, there’s really no where else I want to go. Like Matt Leone said recently, “It’s entirely on us to prove ourselves again.” And they’ll do just that, just like when 1up started. No, way in hell am I gonna miss that!

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