Saturday, 23 February 2013

1up Blog #52: A Look Back at 1up (01/29/2010)

It’s 2010 now and that means I’ve been part of the 1up Community for a whopping six and a half years. I decided to skim through some of my old blogs to relive some memories - and there were countless to be had. Good times, good times. Of course, in the span of six years a lot happens and a lot changes. Many of the great people you meet in this community will inevitably move on. Even I was gone for a brief stint a few years ago after I started working and what I came back to were many of the people I was happy to see around here were gone as well.
Some of those great 1uppers haven’t been active for a year or more. None of them will probably read this, but maybe others will recognize these guys:
girl_gamer_piperpup - Basically started the whole leave a comment receive a comment exchange on 1up. Even with 100+ comments on some blogs she would put just as much thought and effort into each response on their blogs.
squike - Just as energetic (more?) as the game characters he draws inspiration from (Ryu Hayabusa and other Team Ninja characters). This is a guy you probably don’t want to mess with in real life.
elie_rockz_kazama - Your typical Japanese-looking school girl. Also amusingly fun to talk to.
RoniBopShop - Many consider Veronica the mom of 1up. Made an epic fan fiction on FFX exclusive to the site.
Kokoru - Probably the best blogger on 1up in my honest opinion (and that’s saying something). Could jump from subjects like religion to gaming in a heartbeat and always have something insightful to say.
It’s too bad these guys had to leave, but great people from 1up come in droves, so it’s not like the tower is crumbling.
Lately, I have actually played some more games. Chrono Trigger on the PS1 is actually living up to the hype. I could fall in love with the music and the trial section alone gave me a gaping jaw. I won’t get far into the discussion of why I should be playing a different version of this game, because I’ve waited years to play this game! The new animated scenes don’t fit the game, and I don’t care if the Dragon Ball Z creator designed the characters, he clearly had little involvement in the story if these scenes are any indication. The load times could be shorter, yes, but none of this does much to the overall quality of the game. I would either have to drop a few hundred on a DS just to play this game, or I can experience the next best thing. Is that enough?
I’m also replaying Final Fantasy Tactics on the PSP whose new cut-scenes are actually worth watching, yet this already amazing game is well, still amazing.
Many of you have probably noticed that I don’t have a picture of myself on here. It doesn’t even have to do with me being ashamed with how I look actually. I once put my real name and picture on here, but I am personally frightened by the possibility of background checks with regards to employment, so I removed them. This blog however, more free from google searches, is safe.

Yeah, that’s me. Hard to believe I’m 19 in this picture, eh?

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