Saturday, 23 February 2013

1up Blog #55: FFVII: Here We Go Again (03/24/2010)

I know how played-out the argument of FFVII is and I too am personally tired of it (which is why this is a short blog). I guess I just cannot control the urge when I have finally discovered an aspect that is either forgotten or outright ignored by detractors. Most will argue FFVII is not only just loved not because of its been-there, done-that gameplay or story, but also because it was many gamer’s first FF and the first to have a realistic look. What is rarely considered is that FFVII was the largest and has the most varied exploration. With FFXI and FFXII now out, that does not exactly hold true, but those games really just have loads of quests and hunts, not a whole lot to change the pace like FFVII did. FFVII had optional characters, chocobo breeding, the Gold Saucer, and how about all those scattered Materia. All of these took up a huge amount of time to complete, leading to save files that have never been under 99:59 in my observation.
Not necessarily in my case, but my main point is that FFVII was not really about the story or the gameplay in all cases but instead the amount of stuff to do. One friend of mine could not get into any FF after VII until XII. This was because he loved exploring and finding everything off the beaten path. My question is 'Is there anything else that has been under-represented in the other titles?'
In other news, I went to my first concert last weekend! Yes, my very first concert and it was 4 hours of non-stop amazing. Main show was Billy Talent, with 3 other openers: Cancer Bats, Against Me!, and Alexisonfire. Billy Talent as expected took the cake, but I was really not expecting the show to be that good. For 56 Canadian dollars it was a steal... so I bought two shirts!

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