Saturday, 23 February 2013

1up Blog #59: Why I Still Play Games (06/16/2010)

That’s right this blog isn’t about E3! I guess a few times in a gamer’s life, one goes through a crisis questioning just why they have “wasted” so much time playing games. Most of the time, all that needs to be done is boot up a favourite game to be reminded time is not being wasted at all. This can only last so long however; eventually a gamer needs to be assured what is truly worthwhile about games.
As much as I’d like to say games are a great way to escape, for me this is only the case in special occasions. When I got something on my mind, a game is often too slow-paced or too easy to play that my mind doesn’t stay on the game. The problem is still running through my head. Even a slow-paced game is never as slow as the real world. Putting it that way, accomplishment in games is much easier.
Conquer a mountain, bed women, and kill a god. All in an hour’s work in God of War
There are many days I feel unaccomplished though, or I feel that I suck at everything. For these days, games are perfect for me. I might act like a coward in real-life, but in a game I can slaughter a whole army of aliens without breaking a sweat! So what if I suck at sports, in games I can be good at anything. In this sense, games give me satisfaction that is harder to get in real-life – if not impossible.
Defeating a giant monster like this is something I only wish I could do in real-life!
I suppose there are also other reasons I play games. Boredom is still perhaps the largest one. Almost anything can solve boredom though; I don’t need to play games to get rid of that. Achievement and satisfaction are things that can’t really be had from other mediums because games have playability. Waving magic wands around could very well change all of this though, whether it’s for better or worse.

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