Saturday, 23 February 2013

1up Blog #63: VVVVVV (09/28/2010)

No, I did not fall asleep on the keyboard, that’s a real game! Halo Reach just came out and though I love it, it is just like I expected. What can I say? It is Halo. I can talk about how this classic has managed to innovate and stay the same another time. One game I have finished recently is something that feels far fresher in my mind. Of course, this is not a $60 HD title, but a $5 indie game ridiculously titled VVVVVV.
You don’t want to know how long this room took me
I played the demo all the way back at the beginning of the year and it blew my mind. However, I was pretty broke at the time and unfortunately forgot about. Its Steam release gave it a price drop. Yay! Rather than explain the game though, feast your eyes on the screenshots as they pretty much show everything.
Smells like Atari spirit
This game is short, but it is definitely one of the best paced and polished games I have ever played. I would use Portal as an example of a brilliant short game, except I actually enjoyed this one far more than that game. The difficulty is brutal, but instead of forcing you to redo a whole level like Mega Man, you’ll instead be redoing the same 3 seconds over and over. Trust me, it works.
Did I mention the music is terrific!?
What else game related? I watched Resident Evil: Afterlife and thought it is actually a pretty good movie considering you don’t take it seriously. By the end of the second movie it had already delved into complete nonsense anyway. I will also probably have to play Halo Reach practically everyday thanks to its Arena mode.

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