Saturday, 23 February 2013

1up Blog #64: Halo Retrospective Part I (11/07/2010)

Halo: Combat Evolved
To be honest, I haven’t actually tried this one for quite a while. Still, when you have beaten a game over a dozen times, it stays pretty fresh in your mind. For its time, Halo: CE actually did live up to the hype and there are still some parts that even Halo: Reach couldn’t capture: The great AI of the Elites, awesome dialogue, and the biggest open levels. Of course, with plain graphics like the original, the latter seems more believable. The multiplayer, unfortunately, cannot compete with today’s games without online.
Score Today: 7/10

Halo 2
My disappointment with Halo 2 goes beyond the ending (which wasn’t that bad). This game was supposed to be so much bigger, badder, and better than the original. What we got was a scaled down Halo, with flimsy weapons and too many linear levels. Even the visuals sometimes look worse than the original: just try playing through the New Mombasa level today. Multiplayer is great but even when it was on Xbox Live, Halo 3 did everything it could. I sound a bit too negative because at its core, it’s still Halo. And that counts for a lot.
Score Today: 6/10

Halo 3
I’m sure glad the fight didn’t really get finished here because Halo 3 once again fell short of the lofty expectations of a Halo sequel. Though there are a few fantastic levels, the single-player also has some pretty poor missions that look today like they should have been on the cutting room floor. The game is loaded with content, but the core gameplay still didn't have much improvement from the original - besides the stellar weapons. It looks okay now, but even for a three-year old game it should look better. Despite this, it took until Halo Reach for me to stop playing Halo 3 with Bungie constantly adding fresh modes and maps in multiplayer.
Score Today: 8/10
Also, the post date of 11/7 is merely an awesome coincidence.

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