Saturday, 23 February 2013

1up Blog #65: Halo Retrospective Part II (11/25/2010)

Halo Wars
I don’t really consider this game much of a Halo game at all. Of course, it is an RTS so it should be a given that the game feels different. Still... the game has Halo in the title! Let’s be honest, if this were any other RTS I would not have bought it. I don’t play many RTS’, but as a beginner - like the Halo games - this was really easy to play. It was cool seeing every possible Halo weapon and vehicle on display here, but unfortunately everything else does not scream “Halo” to me. The story, characters, and most notably the environments and the music lack the Halo feel I have come to expect from every Halo game. Don’t get me wrong, this is still a pretty solid game, but it is not a Halo game.
Score Today: 7/10 (Halo Score: 3/10)

Halo 3: ODST
I can see where the criticism comes from regarding ODST being an expansion pack. Unlike the jam-packed Halo 3, ODST had a five-hour campaign and firefight. The quality of what was there blew me away though. Bungie seemed to finally master their techniques on level design and pacing. Even though the game uses Halo 3’s old engine, the game’s art-style worked wonders. I would have never known Halo and Blade Runner was such a good combination! Firefight though was this game’s true calling. Successfully combining single and multiplayer modes, ODST finally brought an all-new experience to Halo.
Score Today: 9/10

Halo Reach
I’m not completely decided on my feelings for this game (Halo: CE is probably still my favorite), but I can speak very highly of Reach. The game takes the same lessons learned from ODST, cranked the epic meter to 11, and ends with a more finely paced campaign than ever before. The only thing keeping this from passing the original in quality is the uninspired story - though the characters and presentation are still great. Multiplayer outshines Halo 3 in every way and has even better support from Bungie so far. Firefight is once again fantastic... Really, at this point the Halo gameplay has been fine-tuned to the point that no one should try messing with it.
Score: Undecided (Give it a few months, at least!)

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