Saturday, 23 February 2013

1up Blog #68: My Favorite Games of 2010: The Finale (01/18/2011)

I realize I’ve already broke the GOTY traditions by nominating every game I played this year. To even further hammer in this statement, I picked the best game I played over a decade old!
Best Retro Game: Phantasy Star IV
The few who are still around and knew me way back in the summer of 09 may remember I started up a blog series on the original Phantasy Star series... which abruptly ended when I got frustrated with PSII. Now that I finally decided to play the conclusion of the trilogy, I can say I’m not disappointed. The battle system is incredibly deep and the dungeons are the best I’ve probably seen in any RPG. The story kept me coming back and I didn’t even need one achievement to help me along the way.
The protagonist of the game is Alys, who just may be the most likable female game character I’ve seen yet. She’s kind of the tough-punk chick, but her dialogue can get downright hilarious at times... which (spoiler) brings me to the one problem I had with the game: they kill her off. The replacement is the typical dimwitted kid. This would have been fine if her death had some meaning beyond sacrifice, but it didn’t really. The plot never does anything interesting with the new hero. To be honest though, maybe it was good they killed her off when they did because the series never had particularly memorable characters. To think they would have kept that pace of character would have been astonishing. It didn’t really affect the qualities of the other amazing aspects of the game anyway.
Runner-up: Vagrant Story
Best Campaign: Uncharted 2
Uncharted 2 (as every one who has played it knows) is a truly fantastic game from start to finish. As clichéd as it may seem, I think the iconic hanging-train scene pretty much sums it up. Of course, you would have to play it to understand that. So cut I’ll the crap and say ‘just play this game if you have a PS3!’ It’s a year later, but this game is clearly still way ahead of everyone else in the single-player department.
Runner-up: Halo Reach
Game of the Year: Halo Reach
I wouldn’t normally give a game the GOTY for simply demanding the most time from me. Otherwise the boring Lost Odyssey might have gotten it a few years back (OCD made me play it that long). To be honest though, I think all those hours I got from Reach were actually the best hours I got all year. It wasn’t necessarily just in single-player, online, or firefight; The experience was some sort of bizarre combination. I just played the game yesterday, so it’s not even over yet.
Runner-up: Uncharted 2
Bonuses of 2010
Favourite Blog I Wrote: Cel-shaded Games
I Made a Game! (which has so far roughly 1000 downloads more than I could have hoped for)
Best Movie: Spirited Away
Best Band: Damone
Best Riot Scene in a Game: Vorkuta (Call of Duty: Black Ops)
Game Sadly Missing the Hobo Beard: Splinter Cell Conviction

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