Saturday, 23 February 2013

1up Blog #70: Short Blog #2 (02/22/2009)

Being without work for the next two weeks, I have a lot more time on my hands. I have decided to do something I have wanted to for far too long: try to learn to play the guitar. Thankfully, I can do this with the help of gaming because of Rock Band 3. I can’t decide whether I’m going to try Bass or Guitar though. I hear bass is generally easier to play (it’s also $50 cheaper), but the Guitar looks so cool and has real strings! If anyone has experience using these on Rock Band 3 let me know.

  • Bulletstorm might get a purchase from me in the future (though 1up’s review does not seem to help).
  • I think I’ve given up on Persona 4 after less than five hours of play. At least I can blast out the soundtrack now!
  • Started Project Gotham Racing 4. Definitely still my favourite racing series.
  • Still need to get on that Tactics Ogre purchase..
  • I’m now living in a house with some of the friends that I work with. One of whom is a more hardcore gamer than me. Looking like I’ll have a lot of fun here!

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