Saturday, 23 February 2013

1up Blog #73: Gaming Vacation (4/26/2011)

So I just came back from a trip to Las Vegas and California. This included Disneyland! While it wasn't as exciting a trip as I may have hoped, at least I hardly spent any money. And hey, I rid myself of the time-sink that is the internet for a while. During the long drives I also got a lot of game playing done!

What did I play? Tactics Ogre for PSP! I was surprised at how dense the choices you can make in the story are. Even modern games don’t go as far as this old gem. Gameplay wise it may even surpass the master of the genre: Final Fantasy Tactics. This is more bizarre when it is considered that the original version of TO is three years older than FFT. However, its advantage is mostly due to the revamping that Square did with the menus and added features.
  • A video game themed bar just opened in Vegas named Insert Coin(s). I wasn’t able to go however because we were tight for time :(
  • Playing more MGS4. Thankfully, the story got interesting and I lost the urge to skip every cut-scene!
  • Does Portal 2 have split-screen co-op?
  • Everyone watch Firefly on Netflix. This is not a request.

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