Saturday, 23 February 2013

1up Blog #74: Got an iPhone (05/04/2011)

I never really had much passion for the bite-sized gaming revolution that has been consuming everyone since the iPhone launched. Maybe it's partly because the vast majority of the games (free or paid) are about the same quality as what can be played for free on the computer. Or maybe because I hate paying money for something that I'll likely be done with in one sitting.
Either way, I find my biggest gripe with the iPhone is that the device just feels like one giant distraction. It's cool to use on something like a bus ride, but I find myself wasting a lot more of my time at home on it. Time I should be using on say, playing console games or even getting actual work done. It's only a matter of time until school starts and I'm wasting all class on the phone. Goodbye iPhone, it was fun while it lasted.
  • Finished MGS4. I loved the game, but that ending was the longest, sappiest, and least fulfilling in the whole series
  • Also, I think whoever said there is more cut-scene than gameplay is probably right
  • Others who find ways to fit the iPhone into their schedule may enjoy great free games such as Mega Jump, Trace, or Game Dev Story
  • All PSN users get a free game for its absence! I just hope Barbie Horse Riding Adventures isn't our only choice
  • I will miss shooting my coworkers with my phone

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