Saturday, 23 February 2013

1up Blog #75: Finishing Uncharted (05/23/2011)

I borrowed my friend’s copy of the original Uncharted and I can sum up my experience with one word: Underwhelmed. Having played Uncharted 2 first maybe that would be the expected reaction. I knew the game would be a step down in every regard, but this felt more like three steps down. The game’s dialogue and characters are pretty uninteresting especially considering what an amazing job the team did on the sequel. The fighting system doesn’t seem to work and the explosions look like they were taken out of a PS1 game.
But I’m whining too much, it was still a good game. It was at least worth the play, but I won’t be looking back. Now I’m playing the second game and I’ve forgotten about it already.
  • Bought LittleBigPlanet for $10... the same day it was revealed all PSN users could get it for free *facepalm*
  • So my picks are going to be Dead Nation and Wipeout HD, I expect a lot of online activity with these (since at least a couple million people will download each)
  • The biggest Final Fantasy collection ever (70+ titles, most still sealed) is now on ebay for $14,900! At least there’s free shipping
  • Norse Mythology > Pirates

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