Saturday, 23 February 2013

1up Blog #78: Games Never Released in Japan (07/06/2011)

With all the talk of Project Rainfall this past week, I wondered what it was like on the flipside: Games Japan is probably whining about that they can’t play!
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
I know the Xbox never could never really sell like hot cakes in Japan, but I know Star Wars is kind of a big deal, well, everywhere. So, to think Japan not only missed out on easily the best Star Wars game ever, but an RPG no less! Okay, so while the game doesn’t star a bunch of wide eyed teens, I’m sure there are more than a few people in Japan hurt about this. There was even a PC version to possibly make the game more marketable.
While some of us here are praying for a Psychonauts sequel, I’m sure Japan would like to actually play the game. Those four people better get a translator and contact Mr. Tim Schafer (he’s got the rights to the IP now)!

Beyond Good and Evil

Um... yeah, pretty much the same deal as Psychonauts!

Rock Band (series)

I don’t think the music-game genre ever really caught on in Japan. And maybe that is no surprise when you consider Rock Band never made it there. All the songs are American, but it’s not like that stopped Guitar Hero.

First-Person Shooters don’t exactly light up the charts in Japan (what with all that motion sickness?) and Deus Ex probably wouldn’t have been an exception either. Still, Japan missed out on one of the most highly regarded PC games ever.
I probably could find more, but I think my search covers most of the big guns. To my surprise games such as Bioshock, Mass Effect, Metroid Prime, Splinter Cell, Killzone, Resistence, Fable, Forza, and Gears of War all made it there. Almost every modern American game all arrived in Japan... although with abysmal sales. It bears the question: If these poorly selling games in Japan seem to be making minimal success, what’s the risk in bring all those unreleased Japanese games stateside?

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