Saturday, 23 February 2013

1up Blog #79: Favorite Games in the Final Fantasy Series (07/18/2011)

I just spent the last week playing and finishing FFIV. This means I have beaten every main-entry in the series save FFIII, FFXI, and FFXIV. To be fair, XI and XIV don’t really count and FFIII is never considered a favourite. So with that said, I decided to compile an ordered list of my favourites in the series:
1. Final Fantasy VII
Standout Moment: There’s too many to count, but Cloud’s head-trip in the second half of the game has to be the best one.
2. Final Fantasy X
Standout Moment:The first hour (though mostly cut-scenes) is arguably the most visually pleasing time I’ve ever had playing a game.
3. Final Fantasy XII
Standout Moment: Finally achieving the Order of Ambrosia clan rank after over 200 hours of play!
4. Final Fantasy VIII
Standout Moment: Any time in the game you play as Laguna.
5. Final Fantasy XIII
Standout Moment:Closer to the end of the game when you got your strategy perfect and you feel unstoppable.
6. Final Fantasy IX
Standout Moment: Alexandria was a beautiful city. Too bad the rest of the areas were pretty forgettable.
7. Final Fantasy VI
Standout Moment: Celes waking up to the end of the world and later attempting suicide.
8. Final Fantasy IV
Standout Moment: When Palom and Porom turn themselves to stone to stop the shrinking wall.
9. Final Fantasy II
Standout Moment: Finally beating the game after spending hours attacking my own characters to bring their HP up.
10. Final Fantasy
Standout Moment: Making it to the alternate dimension at end of the game and finding out the main bad guy is the first boss you killed at the beginning of the game.
11. Final Fantasy V
Standout Moment: The Battle on the Big Bridge event saved this game from being as generic as possible.

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