Saturday, 23 February 2013

1up Blog #82: Latest Game Purchases (09/02/2011)

The first thing I have bought recently was the Humble Indie Bundle. Okay, so this one is hard to measure since it’s like 12 games and probably two thirds of the games I have no interest in playing. I also already own Braid and VVVVVV. The real gem for me is Machinarium (pictured above). Even though it’s just a point-and-click game, the world and characters are appealing enough to make it stand out. If anyone wants a download link for the set, I’d be happy to send you it.
I also picked up Code Veronica for the PS2. I know this comes out in HD soon, but $5 was about the maximum price I was willing to pay for this anyway. Was really enjoying it too until I got stuck at the Tyrant with nearly no ammo or health D:

Sorry ladies, you won’t get to see me wear the boxers here!
As you can see I got the special edition of Catherine. What surprised me is that Catherine is remarkably similar to Persona. Replace the school with a pub and instead of diving into the TV World every night you have nightmares. Catherine however fixes the two major reasons that I only put five hours into Persona 4; its slow pace and enormous variety. The sheer amount of stuff to do combined with a story that moved at a snail’s pace put me off from P4.
That’s not to say Catherine is an amazing games. With both games I didn’t really care for the gameplay. P4’s battle system is actually better than Catherine’s repetitive puzzle gameplay. Despite this, I would say for me - even though P4 is the better game - Catherine suited my play-style better.
"Right. Fresh out of the package."
Human Revolution just came in the mail. I've only played the first hour but, like everyone is saying, it's awesome. Really happy I got the Augmented Edition, which is now going for premium prices everywhere. Team ICO Collection and Halo Anniversary are also already pre-ordered, so it looks like I got a lot of playing to do in the coming months.

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