Saturday, 23 February 2013

1up Blog #86: Videogames Possibly Made Me Fail a Class (12/11/2011)

As I began to flip over my final exam sheet for History 257, now over 24 hours without sleep, I started to recall my long battles with the Flood and Uncharted 3 co-op from earlier in the day. My smile was quickly wiped from my face after looking at the first question on the final worth 40 percent of the exam (the exam is worth 50 percent of my final grade, BTW). The question was "write a paragraph on 5 of the 10 topics." I left this question completely blank. As I had been gaming the whole day before, avoiding studying, it did not take long to realize I should have been using my time more wisely.
To blame my predicament on simply one night of gaming is an understatement though. I had avoided assigned readings and homework since I started playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution; conveniently released just before the start of classes. It's an amazement things never truly got out of hand with the onslaught of games this November. Thankfully, I managed to avoid buying a few games and finish my 10-page essay in this class - well it ended up being 8 pages actually, but the teacher still gave me a good mark. I go into the final with a mark of 69. I only need about 30 percent to pass the final. What could possibly go wrong?
To be honest, I’m kind of blowing this out of proportion for the sake of the story. I think I did pretty well on the last part of the final. Though there is no doubt I failed this exam, I believe I squeaked in enough effort to get that 30 percent. If not, this is the first class I have ever failed and 500 bucks is down the drain. I cannot stay mad at video games, though the anxiety of the wait for my final mark would be a lot easier if I had only studied. How ironic is it that the last level I finished on Halo: CE Anniversary was The Library (which believe it or not, I really enjoyed!)?

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