Saturday, 23 February 2013

1up Blog #87: My 2011 Games of the Year: Part One (12/31/2011)

Holy crap, it's my birthday! I'm 22! And there's no better way to spend it than posting a blog, so lets make this one to remember... by remembering last year!
Ico may be over ten years old, but even today it is clear that a simple, but elegant game can make an instant classic. Ico isn’t really remembered for its enjoyable puzzles or its tedious stick-fighting gameplay, it is remembered for the incredible atmosphere the game created. While it likely won’t be everyone’s favourite game of 2011, it will hold you and never let go – much like the girl in the game.
Gears of War 3
It was hard to not give this one the overall title of game of the year - the hefty single-player is worth the price alone. Then it has all those other great game modes. But you’ve read about those elsewhere. Point is, if you own a 360 (and you’ve reach puberty), you should already own this.
Uncharted 3
A non-surprise might be UC3 getting a spot, considering it won a few awards in the last blog. You already know everything I have to say on this game: just play it. Or watch it on Easy mode, probably still a lot of fun. Unfortunately for Naughty Dog, a PS3 is sold separately.
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Perhaps a bigger sleeper-hit than the two previous games, Deus Ex: HR is a shooter that takes place in a dystopian future starring a somewhat cyborg super-soldier. But wait! That doesn’t mean you’ve already played this game! Afterall, which of those other games can you punch innocent civilians in the face and then throw them in a dumpster? Okay, maybe a few others, but that doesn’t matter!

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